About Planned & Packed.

Everyone looks forward to vacation. If we can get away to relax, reset our minds, enjoy our family and friends, then the time invested in planning a trip for you has been worth it. 

As a mom of four, a dental hygienist and wife, I know life can get busy. Planned & Packed was established in March of 2022 to help travelers, new and well travelled, plan amazing vacations they will remember for years to come.

I hope to take the stress out of even considering a vacation, to plan your trip the way you want, with the budget you have in mind.

Why use a Travel Agent?

If you’re wondering what the benefits are of using my services, keep reading below.

  • The benefits of booking with me are varied. First, I can usually match any price that you come across online. I also am your direct contact should you have any questions, issues, or want to make any changes. You don’t have to call into a call centre, where you will most likely experience long hold times and never get the same person twice.
  • Also, I don’t work for the supplier. I own my own small business and take pride in my business. This means, I’m working hard for your vacation, to earn your trust and repeat future business. I do also have direct contacts to all of my suppliers for any out of the normal issues that may arise.
  • Then just beyond that, you can reach out to me with any questions, I do provide resort information, payment reminders, options for third party excursions etc. I can make special requests directly with the supplier on your behalf, whether it be special dietary request, special occasions and room requests.
  •  I hope all that helps you understand the benefits. One more thing, it does really support a small business, (me), and my family. I appreciate you even thinking about supporting my small business. My clients truly mean the world to me.